Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2 € of Cool

2 € of Cool
Micke Vinsa looking cool in his new shades. He bought them for 20SEK at a market in Kiruna (way up North). Michael is a real musician, a multi instrumentalist. Plays in the cult band that is Chesty Morgan. Music is more or less his life. Also heavily involved in Jordbro Världsorkester, a musical project where the idea is to get people from different cultures and ages to play together. He has lived in Haninge for the last forty years or so.

Monday, July 24, 2017

It's A Wrap

It's A Wrap
That time of the year again. But the view is new here as last year there were no houses in the background, this is the new housing area at Lillgården in Tungelsta.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Norrby Norrby
BBQ at a friends place on Friday evening. He lives in an old yellow house, (second photo), at Norrby, with a tiny view down over Drevviken,(first photo).

Friday, July 21, 2017


That is what they call themselves. Liggister. A funny word in Swedish as it is pronounced the same way as the similarly spelled word ligist, which means hooligan, and not someone that uses a recumbent bicycle which is the meaning here. As seen in Handen a few days ago.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Volvo Laplander

Volvo Valp
Spotted this old Volvo Laplander at a filling station in Handen recently. I asked the owner, who comes from Sorunda if it was his Summer ride. Nope, I drive this year round was the answer. Perfectly understandable of course. And he told me that he would take part in an event at TerrängCamp Ekeby next weekend, that's near me so maybe I should go there for a few fun shots.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Piotr Ksiazek

Piotr Ksiazek
He came walking towards me in Västerhaninge. So I really didn't have a choice. I had to stop and ask him for a photo. Hard not to with that big red hair and beard. But there was one problem. The language barrier. We couldn't communicate properly. He spoke,(only),Polish and although I know a few Poles, the only words I know are not meant for print. But I managed to get a few facts. This is Piotr Ksiazek. He is from Poland, obviously. I asked him if he was here working, many Poles are these days, but not Piotr. He was here for medical reasons as I understood it. Waiting for an operation. But he seemed to have a favorite soccer team here, AIK, so he must have been here for a while.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Custom Trike

Custom Trike
Nice touch with the oak barrel. As seen and photographed from the pedestrian bridge crossing the Gudöbroleden in Handen.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Plymouth Valiant

Hillbillys Plymouth Valiant Plymouth Valiant Wunder-Baum
Impromptu photo shoot of a 1966 Plymouth Valiant at a filling station in Jordbro. The owner, Mats had bought the car just three days earlier. From another "raggare", but their taste were a bit different so Mats had already changed a few things. And I'm sad to say that the "Hillbillys" hood will be gone soon as well as the Persian rug inside! I believe that there's a cruiser gang called Hillbillys and chances are that the previous owner was a member. Shot with my new Chinese 35mm lens. A few more snaps of the Plymouth in my flickr set.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Tibor Hajnal

Tibor Hajnal
I noticed this recumbent bicycle in Västerhaninge. Didn't think it was that special until I noticed the electric battery. So I stopped the guy and asked for a few photos. This is Tibor Hajnal. Works as a teacher at Ågesta folkhögskola in Farsta. Lives in Västerhaninge. Born in Yugoslavia, moved to Sweden as a kid. Grew up in Enköping. Later he moved to Handen. He bought the unusual bike from the guy who built it. Tibor has beaten cancer, and is slowly getting his strength back. He hopes to be able to ride to and from work in a not too distant future. He asked me where I was going after I had snapped a few photos and as we were heading the same way we continued to talk while cycling. That turned out to be a bit tricky because Tibor cheated and used his batter power and, boy his bike can fly! He then asked more specifically were I was headed and I told him that it was time for lunch at Malmens konditori, my favorite cafe. He then asked me, who do you know at the cafe? Everyone I answered. Do you know Tompa Eken ? I see him every day was my response. How about Gunnar Borg? On a weekly basis I said. Turns out Tibor used to hang with the Ultrahuset crowd back in the day. Years ago Tibor was a member of a photography club but that was back in the analogue day. This far come in the conversation we said our goodbyes and I turned right as he continued straight ahead as he was on his way to his daughters place. I have a feeling Tibor might drop in at the cafe any day now.

Friday, July 14, 2017

That Old Tree

That Old Tree
My second photo of the old tree with the Yongnuo 35mm lens and the full frame Canon. I also had the old Canon 550 with me, and could probably have stayed here all day, shooting macro images, because there was butterflies and all sorts of fun insects everywhere in the fields that surround the old tree.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Me fifth element - supreme being. Me protect you

Me fifth element - supreme being. Me protect you. Leeloo
Haninge Fantasy Games took place recently. By chance I noticed a photographer taking photos of a very colorful model outside the cultural centre in Handen so in my usual style I interrupted the proceedings and asked if I could join the fun. The photographer was Ice of Tin and the model Grimalcin Cosplay. Real name Elvina Ejstes. Elvina comes from Hara in Jämtland but is today based in Stockholm. She's in to Science Fiction and today she was dressed as Leeloo from The Fifth Element, one of my favorite sci-fi movies of all time, starring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich as Leeloo, the perfect being. I told Elvina that I was planning to watch Ghost in the Shell that night, and she told me that she was at the premier of that movie in Copenhagen, dressed then of course as Major Motoko Kusanagi, the role that Scarlett Johansson plays in that flick. I took a few quick photos with Elvina posing up against the wall at the cultural centre and then thanked both of them for letting me interrupt their photo session. Always great when you find someone like this by chance, the only reason I turned this way was that I spotted a friend at the Grillmaster, and when I turned around there was Elvina being photographed.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

No sign of the ferry operator

No sign of the ferry operator Malhuvud
This is one of the shorter ferry rides anywhere. It goes to an islet in the Nynäshamn archipelago called Malhuvud, you can see the farm house on the second photo. The tiny islet, (53 hectare), is surrounded by the Norviken bay and the Svartfjärden bay, and you can see the whole ferry ride here. All that is missing is the ferry. It takes one (1), car and runs on batteries. The man that usually operates it is the former baker, turned farmer, Erik Jarvin who was born on the island and still lives there today with his wife. His family have lived here for more than a century.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Restaurang Sjöboden Torö Restaurang Sjöboden Torö Ankarudden Herrhamra Mill
Had lunch at Sjöboden over the weekend. Located at the Ankarudden marina at Torö in the Nynäshamn archipelago. Weather permitting you can sit out on the pier enjoying your coffee, but it was raining during our visit so we sat under the roof. The seaside restaurant is operated by the same family, Stampe/Hernwall that owns the old Herrhamra Gård. In this photos you can see the restaurant,the bay, the guest marina, and the old tullkvarn, a three storey smock mill, up on the Ankarudden hill. The mill was built back in 1857. It was in operation until 1925. It is the only mill left in Nynäshamn. Inside you can still see the old machinery, sadly there are no sails left, they were removed back in 1930. The mill itself was renovated back in 1980. The millers cottage is also still there and it is a private residence today.